Our client-centric approach is engaging, active and cyclical – which means we will be with you every step of the way, as you create and enhance your retirement plan.

Delivering value through service

With an independent perspective, we help companies establish and maintain retirement plans. During this time, we have built strong relationships with best-in-class service providers who assist us in delivering high quality plan solutions. We understand the retirement plan landscape, and proactively work with our clients to help make sure that their requirements and those of the plan participants are met in a cost-effective manner.

We know that the retirement planning is not a static process. As your plan’s needs change over time, we will work with you to incorporate innovative solutions that meet your needs and progressive service offerings that add value.

Our Client Value Proposition

By taking on the roll as facilitators, we help you select the right plan design for your needs

Educate the business owners about the type of Qualified Plans, such as 401(k), Profit Sharing, Traditional and Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plans, and even Simplified Pension Plans (SEP) that can meet their business interests and the retirement saving needs of both the employers and their employees.Work to maximize the success of your plan through participant education that encourages active employee participation.Help you navigate your fiduciary responsibilities, so you can make informed decisions.

Plan Design and Objectives

Plan design can impact things like contribution and participation rates, recruiting of key employees, exposure to compliance risk and loan costs. It is important to have a healthy plan design in place – and a healthy plan design comes from an in-depth understanding of which plan types and plan features meet your objectives.

Retirement Readiness

Retirement readiness is all about helping employees save for retirement by making it easy for them to enroll, set a goal and maximize their contributions. Participants can actively prepare for retirement by investing prudently, setting, reviewing and revising goals, monitoring their progress and making adjustments along the way.

Investment Selection and Monitoring

Investment selection and monitoring includes providing appropriate investment choices to your participants, mitigating fiduciary risk and ensuring your investments are monitored effectively.

NOTE: Wealth Partners does NOT act as a plan fiduciary.This means that, while we can explain the types of investments that are available to your plan, we do not provide specific, individualized recommendations.

ERISA and Fiduciary Responsibility

As the plan fiduciary, you are expected to fulfill a number of important duties on behalf of your plan and its participants. Understanding the nature of these responsibilities, as well as the requirements associated with them, can help you meet your fiduciary obligations and ensure that your participants benefit from a qualified retirement plan.